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NE OBLIVISCARIS Tim Charles Discusses Citadel, Songwriting, Kickstarter & World Tour (2014)

Gearing up for the release, Metal Wanis Editor Owais Vitek Nabi and writer Nehal Shastri had a chat with Ne Obliviscaris violinist/Singer Tim Charles.

NE OBLIVISCARIS And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope Live Bloodline Festival 2013

Produced by Ky Lives. Sunday March 17, 2013 at the Hifi Brisbane. Bloodline festival is a fundraiser event that aims to raise money and awareness for autism.

Ne Obliviscaris - As Icicles Fall (HD)

As Icicles Fall is the sixth track from 2012 album Portal of I by Ne Obliviscaris. Ne Obliviscaris is a Progressive/Melodic Death Metal band from Melbourne,...

Ne Obliviscaris - Tim Charles Interview

Ne Obliviscaris hail from Melbourne, Australia, and include a vast array of influences within their sound from progressive to black, thrash, death and melodic...

Digitech Vocalist Live Harmony Demo with Players Planet

. au Resident reviewer R2 takes on the new Vocalist Live Harmony.

Britains got talent: hollie steel ballet/singer


Christian Älvestam - Once Adreamed

Christian Älvestam is perhaps most well known in the metal community as the singer on scar symmetrys first three albums and current front man in...

Obscurish metal alternative bands 4

1. Smegin Bruderov Paa Hægstadtun 2. Solgrav - Maa Aamunsa Kajossa 3. The Wicked Ordo Malleus 4. Professor Fate - The Violent 5. Direwolf - Murder...

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Top 15 Metal/Rock Albums for November 2014

Hey! Im Darien and here are my favorite albums for November 2014. Here is a Spotify playlist of my favorite albums this month:...