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Implementacin de Servidor Proxy con Directorio Activo (Pfsense)

Projeto Fim Fim ENDIAN - Integraço de Autenticaço NTLM e AD-DS

Nesse vdeo do Projeto Fim Fim, vamos fazer a integraço de autenticaço do Endian Firewall Community em nossos servidores de AD-DS (Active Directory...

Web Filtering using squidGuard in pfSense

A video I made for the Georgia Public Library Service: a quick run-through of installing the Squid & squidGuard packages on a pfSense firewall, then setting up...

Squid-AD-IMspector - pfSense

Demonstraço do uso do pfSense com autenticaço com Squid AD IMspector.

How Webfiltering rules are processed in Artica Proxy Appliance?

The video describes how to create and understand rules based on categories and groups. In this example, we use a Microsoft Active Directory database.

Cambiar el SID de un equipo W2008 agregado a un dominio Windows Active Directory

Videotutorial donde mostramos paso a paso cmo cambiar el sid (identificador nico de objeto de dominio Active Directory) de un...

PfSense Quick Look Firewall Content Filter Block Porn Web Proxy Cache

Quick look at pfSense. I mainly wanted this for the proxy feature, but it has worked great as an overall firewall, etc. How to block porn (or any sites/groups of sites)...

Squid http proxy with Active Direcotry authorization

Screencast prezentujacy dzialanie squida autoryzowanego z Active Directory.

Tutorial 15 pfSense - Squid & Squidguard - Content filtering

Questo video mostra come installare Squid e Squidguard su pfSense per filtrare gli accessi ad Internet. E semplice da comprendere come tutti gli altri...

ACL time rule and importance of proxy objects orders inside a rule.

This video demonstrates how to ban our students surfing trough Internet during working time and using Active Directory. We will see the importance of proxy...