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Import Calendar Events into Google Calendar

Here is how you import events into a Google Calendar. Save the excel file as a csv fiile, which is also shown in the video.

How to import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar Video Tutorial

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How to Export and Import Google Calendars

Another Google Apps Howto:)

Google Calendar Import CSV

Google Calendar Import csv.

How to Use Google Calender: Importing Other Calendars into Google Calendar

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Importing a Calendar Spreadsheet into Google Calendar

Sometimes its easier to type out a calendar in a spreadsheet. If you do it in this format, its real easy to see all of the information in Google Calendar.

Import Facebook Birthdays & Events to Google Calendar

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Syncing iCal with Google Calendar

In this tutorial, you;ll learn how to sync up your iCal Calendar with your Google Calendar in OS X.

Auto import google calendar data into Spreadsheets

How to sync iCal with Google Calendar

A short video on how to sync Apple iCal calendars with a Google calendar.